About Us

Ellie B Naturals our family

Last year when my second child, Ellie, was having a hard time with cracked, chapped hands that were almost on the verge of bleeding, I needed to find something to help. Any kind of lotion we bought at the store only stung and burned her hands and it didn’t help heal them either. I decided to try to make something with natural ingredients to see if that would help. And it did! No more burning and her hands stayed moisturized and the cracking healed.

Fast forward to this year, 2020, when we all are all washing our hands more than ever. I thought others may find relief for their dry hands as well. So here we are, Ellie B Naturals was born.

We use things like coconut oil, Shea and mango butters, and essential oils instead of chemical fragrance and alcohols.

We’ve loved the silky smooth cream and hope you will as well.